Time and tide, wait for one man… – repost

In memory of Koh Samui – following blog post was previously posted on blogcn 2 years ago, and quite important for me in some way. I decided to re-post here.

Spacing out, my only way of survive.

Chaweng beach, sea is extremely blue, crystally clear and unbelievablely warm even after the sunset. The air is hot and with smell of some easy, peaceful fragrance which automatically make you feel relaxed and let you smile. Some dogs lying on the beach, never afraid of being step by people who is hanging around. You will never feel tired and there is no loud voice or noise, the only sound is the everlasting wave rolling and running towards the shore.

Our Shadow formed a clear shape on the sand, step in the warm water you will see several jet skis zigzaging on the surface of the sea, these machines are so powerful and a 30 mins ride will let you feel exhausted but worthy to have a try. Once for a while a plane from the little airport situated in the north pole of the island flies over somehow reminds you a faint connection with the outside world, a world i am currently suffering, and will continue to suffer.

Anyway, we will back, just like the letter we wrote to the cozy little jasmine resorts which has amorous decoration and peaceful surrundings.

Time and tide, wait for no man.

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