Boracay Glutton


有时候感慨多少个小时以前还在manila的某个shopping mall里用2.75dollar买了一杯Starbucks Latte,突然就出现在这个一切都那么飘渺的城市做着莫名其妙的事情。。。连个fade-in/out都没有。。。


在Boracay连着吃了5顿海鲜。。。吃得我都快成海鲜了。。。而且都在这家店吃的,Paradise Grill@D’Mall


4 thoughts on “Boracay Glutton

  1. Tai

    I ended up here at your site having clicked around for Linkin Park tix on this lazy working Saturday. Couldn’t help notice you went to Boracay the same time as I did! And yes ma’am, Paradiso Grill is THE best grill on the island. (I tried this place next door called Gasthof and I felt totally ripped off.) Funny. We could have been dining under the same plastic canopy. The weather was rather unfriendly though, I only had 2 mornings of sunshine and my tan faded within a week.

    I really enjoy your writing, keep it up! I am so dang lazy to blog. The best I have managed thus far is to past notes on Facebook.


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